Our Story

Here is a brief summary of how the name Kegel-Konietzko gained its place in the ranks of historically relevant galleries for classical African art.



The gallery origins date back to 1912, when the explorer Julius Konietzko wanted to give a professional setting to his trading business with German ethnographic museums: the gallery "Julius Konietzko Ethnographica" was born. Julius and his wife Lore made the company well known internationally.



From 1934 the former Lore Konietzko overtook the business with her own company "Lore Kegel Exotische Kunst". Personalities such as the painters Karl Schmitt Rottluff, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Emil Nolde, Carl-Otto Czeschka and the sculptor Friedrich Wield (a student of Auguste Rodin) became customers and friends. In addition premium tribal art dealers such as Charles Ratton, Jacob Aalderink, Matthias L. J. LeMaire belonged to this circle and of course the German ethnologist Hans Himmelheber. 



In 1957, Lore's and Julius' son Boris Kegel-Konietzko joined the company before he overtook it in 1964. He successfully ran the business together with his wife Ingeborg for many decades. The gallery was a regular exhibitor at the major German art fairs, and from Hamburg it was increasingly doing business with museums, dealers and collectors outside Europe. 



In 2020, a new chapter has begun. After Boris' death, Alex Dorn, a long-time confidant and dealer, has joined the company. The historic rooms in the world-famous staircase district of Hamburg-Blankenese shine in new splendor and provide the appropriate setting for the presentation of new acquisitions & hidden treasures.


Mrs. Kegel-Konietzko and I are looking forward to your visit.

Thank you very much


Alex Dorn