Thank you for your interest in our gallery. Its origins date back to 1912, when the explorer Julius Konietzko wanted to give a professional setting to his trading business with German ethnographic museums: the gallery "Julius Konietzko Ethnographica" was born. Julius and his wife Lore made the company well known internationally. From 1934 Julius concentrated on North German and Nordic ethnic groups and Lore started her own tribal art business called " Lore Kegel Exotische Kunst". In 1957 her recently deceased son Boris Kegel-Konietzko came into the company and with him the specialization in Africa. He successfully ran the business together with his wife Ingeborg for many decades and secured the name Kegel-Konietzko a firm place in the ranks of historically relevant galleries for classical African Art.



After a period of commemoration and planning, activities are now continuing under the name "Kegel-Konietzko & Dorn". The website will continue to unfold in the upcoming weeks and the renovation of the historic showrooms in Hamburg-Blankenese will be completed in April.


Mrs. Kegel-Konietzko and I are looking forward to your visit - even if it will certainly have to be virtual for a while.

Thank you very much

Alex Dorn